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Hi, I'm Tonia

I'm A Full-Stack Software Engineer

This site was made with NextJs, Material UI & Typescript

Local date & time is Apr 9, 2023, 4:47 PM

Developer Roadmap

  • 2022 - 2023

    Chariot Technology (current)

    Skylark Negril - Freelance

  • 2021


  • 2020

    Amazon - Contract

  • 2019

    2U Inc

  • 2018

    Rockhouse - Freelance


Software Engineer

Chariot Technology

October 2022 - Present

Building feautures in Python and Django on the backend and React + TypeScript on the frontend

Creating tickets in Jira to fix bugs or to task out large features.

Using Git to collaborate with the engineering team.


Skylark Negril Resort

April 2023

The web application was built with industry standard tools using React/NextJS on the frontend and Django for data storage with Django Restframwork for backend API access. State management on the frontend is handled by Redux Toolkit.


NextJSDjangoTypescriptRedux Toolkit
The Fresh Babe Events

July 2022

A simple NextJS website that provides crud functionality for my client manage all of their events seamlessly using the Sanity CMS as a backend for data storage. Users can RSVP for any event via email which my client receives instantaneously via EmailJS integration.


Rockhouse Hotel

August 2019

Rockhouse Hotel is one of the projects I built working as a freelance web developer. The design was presented by the Rockhouse team and I implemented build out the entire site from scratch, including setting up Domain and DNS configuration.


NextJSTypeScriptDjangoRedux Toolkit
SRT Converter

April 2021

I created this tool with inspiration from Yash Blog that turns AWS transcribe JSON output into SRT format



March 2021

Generate 10 hexidecimal colors from 1 hexidecimal value. This project was built using React and value.js to generate colors.